Hello, I’m Jamie Bell – A Classical Homeopath

After many years working as a graphic designer and marketing business owner I felt called to a different professional journey. A journey to help others find relief from symptoms and to have more energy and vitality to enjoy life. After becoming a mom almost 5 years ago I was determined to find safe and effective relief for my daughter’s teething symptoms and eczema. After researching supplements, essential oils, organic foods, and detoxing our home, I naturally landed on Homeopathy.


I didn’t know much about it other than my midwife recommended using it in labor to help with an inflamed cervix in birth – which DID miraculously help! First, we tried a teething remedy with my daughter and it was the ONLY thing that would help her pain without resorting to potentially harmful over-the-counter pain management medications.

Then we had a tongue tie revision for which I wanted to help speed up healing. Homeopathy helped again. After that, I was hooked and needed to learn everything I could about this healing modality.


5 years later and I’ve graduated as a Homeopath from The Academy of Homeopathy Education with over 1,000 hours of didactic and clinical training and supervision. I’ve been partnering with clients over the past year to address both chronic and acute symptoms and to support their immune systems to naturally find balance (homeostasis) through the use of Classical Homeopathy Philosophy to recommend appropriate homeopathic remedies. My practice is currently almost full but I do take 2 chronic consultation appointments per month and continue to work with existing clients to track their health progress towards fewer symptoms, more vitality, and healthier immune systems.

What is Homeopathy?
What should I expect?


Learn more about this healing modality and what it’s like to work with Classical Homeopathy to address chronic symptoms by strengthening the immune system.

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